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March 30, 2014 - Enormous Number of Governments in Illinois (7,000)

(40% more than any other state)

Here's what the Better Government Association's Andy Shaw had to say about the Illinois Local Government Commission created two years ago, chaired by by State Rep. Jack Franks, to streamline Illinois' government structure. But first a look at the responsibilities of the Commission.1) to make a survey of the entire structure of the state's 7,000 local governments 2) reduce the multiplicity of these 7,000 governments 3) eliminate overlapping, duplication of duties and unnecessary powers 4) increase efficiency.

Here's what Andy Shaw had to say. "Another failed Commission on Local Government. Frank's Commission for consolidation was expected to release its recommendations nearly two years ago, but we're still waiting." Results of poor leadership.. two more years gone by of wasting taxpayer's money on the states' government glut problem.

Township Supervisor Salary

Frank Zuccarelli makes more than $186,000 as supervisor of Thornton Township,a part-time position.Township supervisors have one mandated duty, they manage a general assistance program. Illinois has 1,433 part-time township supervisors, each receiving a taxpayer pay check.Townships should be abolished!

March 26, 2014 - McHenry County takes Nunda Township to Court

County sues, Township failed to require proper permits
Hard-earned taxpayer money wasted on legal fees

A lawsuit between McHenry County and the Nunda Township Road District could be costly to township taxpayers. The township highway department violated two county ordinances when it worked on a culvert and diverted stormwater runoff without Commissioner Mike Lesperance obtaining the proper county permits.The township is facing fines ranging from $750 to $1,500 for each day it is in violation of the county ordinance.

Not only are townships unnecessary, they waste taxpayer money. Townships should be abolished.

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