Township Costs

Cost of township government should not be overlooked. Township officials and employees receive benefits of health and life insurance, retirement, vacation days, holidays, personnel days, sick days and more.

Illinois has 1,433 township goverments, each with eight (8) paid elected officials. With 11,464 elected officials state-wide, there are more township elected officials than township employees. Note: townships average about eight employees, which are in addition to the eight paid elected officials.

Benefit Example: Algonquin Township McHenry County

  • Vacation Days--25
  • Holiday Days--14 (note: Federal government employees receive 10 paid holidays)
  • Personal Days--5
  • Total Paid Days Off--44

Note: Illinois School Boards each have seven elected officials, and none of them, including the Board President, receive any salary or benefits.

Elected Official Salary--McHenry County

McHenry Township $70,031
Algonquin Township $63,223
Nunda Township $66,391
Algonquin Township $78,816
Grafton Township $71,566
McHenry Township $69,031
Road commissioners
Algonquin Township $87,112
Nunda Township $82,455
Greenwood Township $78,000

(source: FOI)

Many township salary and benefits exceed those paid to the private sector.

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