Double Dipping

Township officials can hold, at the same time, more than one paid elected office at both county and state government.


Senator William Peterson (R) - Long Grove (retired)
Senate $83,804
Vernon Township Supervisor $90,000
Senator Louis Viverito (D) - Burbank
Senate $83,804
Stickney Township Supervisor $69,697
Senator Maggie Crotty (D) - Oak Forest
Senate $74,027
Bremen Township Part-time Supervisor $38,227
Rep. Ed Sullivan Jr. (R) - Mundelein
House $77,027
Fremont Township Assessor $66,408
Rep. Al Riley (D) - Olympia Fields
House $67,821
Rich Township Part-time Supervisor $20,000

(Source: Chicago Sun-Times)

Marc Munaretto - McHenry County
Paid Algonquin Clerk $16,592
Paid McHenry County Board Member $24,000

(Source: FOI)


There is more nepotism in township government than other governments. McHenry County is a prime example. Of the counties seventeen (17) township governments, nepotism exists in thirteen (13) of the seventeen townships.

(Source: FOI)

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