2015 Goals


Many believe that ballot access is the best way to gauge public opinion and that referendums are a good thing.

McHenry Citizens TaxWatch is currently working with local state legislatures to secure ballot access for the November 2014 General Election for the following questions. The questions would be binding.

  1. Shall Illinois Law Permit An Individual To Hold Two Or More Elected Offices Simultaneously?
  2. Should (name of your township government) be dissolved?

Question 1, which was advisory, was on the ballot in McHenry County and DuPage County at the November 2012 Presidential Election. Voters responded. With over 90% in both counties voting in opposition, the question was soundly defeated. The message was loud and clear. It is time for a state-wide binding referendum which would allow all voters in Illinois to have voice on political double-dipping at taxpayer expense.

Question 2 is a question which would allow voters to reduce government glut in Illinois. Sadly, with 7,000 units of government, which is 2,100 more than any other state, Illinois is the leader of governments in the United States. Why township governments? Township government was established in Illinois in the mid-1800's for a community of a few farmers and settlers. Now, in the 21st century, Illinois has mostly evolved into an urban society of municipal governments. Townships are the extra layer of government and taxation, their duties are redundant of city and county governments. There are 1,434 township governments in Illinois. This is one fifth of all townships in the country. Thirty states do not have township governments.

What can you do? Contact your state senators and state representatives and ask for their support to secure ballot access for questions (1) and (2).

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